Are you a foreign student in Romania?

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Here’s what you need to know:

Between 20-26 November 2017, a campaign will be running to inform foreign students on the employment conditions in Romania, as well as the terms and conditions they have as employees.

Foreign students must inform:

  • Adress change (within max. 30 days)
  • Loss of residence permit (within max. 5 days)
  • Passport change (within max. 30 days)
  • If the passport visa’s expiry date is lower than the validity of the visa sticker (max. 90 days)

Foreign students may obtain an extension of the staying permit for maximum 6 months after completion of studies (graduation). Also, they may get an additional year of residence ONLY if they completed their studies during the initial schedule. Afterwards, foreign students can’t obtain a residence permit anymore, even if they didn’t graduate yet.  A new visa for studying in Romania will be needed.

Foreign students can change the type of education, but won’t get another valid permit or any extension to their initial one.

Foreign students can work in Romania ONLY WITH A „PART TIME” CONTRACT (4 HOURS/DAY).

Foreign students can be fined for:

  • not informing about the change of adress, including dorm room number. The same goes for changing their residence city;
  • not informing about permit loss;
  • not informing about passport change;
  • are staying illegal, for any reason.

International students can be sent away from Romania if:

  • staying illegal;
  • not attending classes or exams;

With the launch of the online application program at , the General Inspectorate for Immigration offers applicants the opportunity to prove fulfillment of legal requirements by uploading the supporting documents prior to the presentation at the counter for public office.

With this method, the General Inspectorate for Immigration aims to shorten waiting times and simplify the process of taking applications.

Each foreign student must create an account based on the e-mail address, scan the documents and follow the steps indicated online. Afterwards, the student will receive an e-mail confirmation that the documents are correct and also the date and time they must be present for filling the documents.

Further details available at the meeting held by the General Inspectorate for Immigration officials on Thursday, 23 November at 14:00 in room D12 at the Faculty of Engineering (Street Domneasca, Number 111).

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