Seminar Neuromarketing

Ultima actualizare: 02.09.2019 - 15:07

Facultatea de Economie si Administrarea Afacerilor organizeaza un seminar pe tema Neuromarketingului sustinut de Phd. Pablo Ferreiros Bennett, Doctor in Marketing, MBA International (Helsinky School of Economics).

Locatia: Facultatea de Economie si Administrarea Afacerilor, Sala I05

Data: 03 Septembrie 2019

Without a doubt, we are living through a period of drastic changes in the world of marketing. Everything evolves constantly, new techniques appear, a changing context and a new professional consumer who knows what he wants, how he wants it and how much he is willing to pay for a certain product or service.

Therefore, it is essential that companies, and therefore the marketing that they apply, to evolve at the speed of the changes. During the last 20 years marketing has applied quantitative and qualitative techniques to measure the effectiveness of marketing carried out by companies: Surveys, personal interviews, discussion groups, etc. While it is true that these types of techniques can work correctly in general, there is a factor of interaction with the consumer at the time of the interview or survey that can influence the results. In the same way, in many occasions, the consumer by social pressure or any other type of factor can distort their responses and thereby affect the results of the research carried out.

Additionally, marketing in companies has undergone a chameleon evolution towards the world of emotions. We are undoubtedly in the era of emotions and experiences in the world of marketing. Until very recently, the measurement of these emotions was not precise or practically non-existent, creating a gap between what companies wanted to convey and what we could measure in consumers. But all this situation has changed with the application of Neuroscience to the world of marketing, thus appearing a new discipline that begins to take on a key importance in the business world: Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing using biometric, psychometric and anthropometric factors and marketing has achieved that, for the first time in history, we can measure the emotions and effectiveness of a marketing campaign, a sales action or any marketing stimulus to which we expose our consumers , by using what we call in Neuromarketing, Biometrics.

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